We want everyone to be able to enjoy our events, participate, feel safe, as well as being part of the crowd. The following section aims to help you make an informed decision about attending. All disabled customers are welcomed at #PiP Events.

We support People with Special needs and their right to equal access. We provide a complimentary “Carer” Ticket to guest who may be wheelchair bound, or with Special Needs, to our events. Please note this is a greenfield site / outdoor venue and we do our best to make it comfortable for you. When purchasing a Special Needs Ticket, you acknowledge that you are purchasing a ticket to an outdoor event, ie a Greenfield Site. Events could have varying degrees of outdoor terrain that may create mobility challenges for physically impaired event participants. Every reasonable accommodation will be offered based on the limited availability of event staff. Guests should consider this and make appropriate inquires prior to registering for events.



  • Guest are required to purchase their Special Needs Tickets from Quicket to register their details. We will provide you with a Carer ticket so you can enjoy the event in comfort.


  • Viewing Platform: At some of our events we might have a Viewing platform for wheelchair patrons. Please note that space in this area is limited and we operate a strict 1+1 policy to access this area. However, please bear in mind that priority in this area is given to wheelchair users / patrons with disabilities and should the area become extremely busy carers may be required to move off or move to the back of the platform to make room for additional wheelchairs. Please note outdoor viewing platforms are not covered; please be prepared for all weather conditions.


  • Accessible Toilets: Where possible, an accessible toilet should be located beside each of the viewing platform and its use is restricted to disabled patrons. There will also be accessible toilets at the events, please check upon entry on their placement. Medical Tent is provided should you need to dispose of medical waste. Please note that toilet service vehicles have limited access to toilets to service them during the day due to safety issues relating to large vehicles being used around crowds. While we strive for the highest standards and employ cleaners as well as servicing vehicles, we ask you to please bear in mind this is not a sanitized environment.


  • Lights: There maybe use of laser and strobe lights at the event. Those persons affected by lighting should ensure they have sufficient time to leave the viewing platform/crowd before effects begin. Please bear in mind the audience may be very large and movement through the crowd slow. Please note wheelchair users may be requested to remain in the designated wheelchair area at the end of the show till the main crowd has left the site. This is for everyone’s health, safety and security.


  • Accessible Car Parking: The disabled day car park is the closest public car park to site but please bear in mind that it is still some distance from the event entrance. Information will be sent out in advance to pre-registered customers. Spaces will be available to attendees who have pre-registered to use the facility. Please note car parking passes will not be issued until approx. 1 week prior to the event.



  • The scheme and disabled facilities are not open to those with temporary injuries such as broken bones, healing wounds and women who are pregnant. There are Medical and Welfare facilities on site that are available to everyone. Our on-site medics are equipped to provide first aid assistance, attend to minor casualties and resuscitations.


  • Stewards and security are also on hand and where possible can offer to help and support you if you are unwell or require assistance.


  • If you are planning on arriving at the event using public transport while having a temporary impairment please note that the drop off point may be some distance from the event entrance.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries: contact@picnicsinthepark.co