Attendees are welcomed via the curated village tantalizing the senses with the aromas of a variety of foods from barbecued organic meats to fresh vegan offerings.  A big screen, picnic area, dam and a view of the Haunted Forest®, as the mist raises above the trees, creates an eerie greeting to the evenings activities.



The Bioscope Cinema, Indepenedent Cinema, will be curating our films for this year! We are extremely excited to have them as part of the Haunted Forest®!

The aim of The Bioscope has always been to increase the diversity of content on South African cinema screens thereby becoming an important cultural space in the city of Johannesburg. In bringing new films to new audiences, The Bioscope has helped play a fundamental role in growing new markets for new films, becoming a vital mechanism in developing local audiences for locally & internationally produced cinema.



There are two bar villages, one in the main field, The Tractor Bar, and the second in the forest sponsored by Beacon.

A delicious forest walk lined with Beacon inspired cocktails from green smoky drinks filled with eyeballs to mmmMallows stuffed with melted chocolate!

Please bring ID with you as you may be asked to prove your age with photo ID or you will be refused admission. Only original passports, ID card or drivers license will be accepted.



Prepare for the worst night of your life, because Picnics in the Park has now opened a Hunted House, the Asylum to all those who dare enter. Don’t say we didn’t warn you – whatever you fear the most, be it clowns or possessed dolls – are all hiding beneath the haunted walls of this former psychiatric institute ready to give you a spine-chilling adventure.

“Dr. Vanicutt, a psychiatric doctor from Pennsylvania, opened up the country’s first premier psychiatric institute for the criminally insane in 1939. However after his wife tragically died, and his only daughter Anastasia disappeared mysteriously, Vanicutt went mad and delirious – some even say he was possessed. The Asylum suffered in the process, with Vanicutt tormenting his patients, conducting grotesque and inhumane medical procedures that eventually riddled the hospital with death and evil.”



We have a host of vendors for the festival, everything from Halal to Vegan!