The Earth, yes this round ball we live on…

We all need it and we are fully aware of the current issues affecting our environment, so The Haunted Forest® is fully committed to doing our part to lessen the environmental impact of the festival footprint. There are a number of things you could commit to as well and lend us a hand in staying green.



No plastic bottled water will be sold at the event, BPA free reusable water bottles will be sold at the event. The first bottle will come filled with refills, from the various stations, will be at a small charge.

Yes, drinking water is healthy, but disposable water bottles contain chemicals that have been linked to issues. … While recycling the bottle helps the environment, producing it has already done a great amount of damage because 90% of bottled water’s cost comes from making the bottle.



  • Due to the problems that plastic waste causes to the environment no plastic water bottles will be sold at the event but reusable BPA free bottles with refill stations.
  • Plastic cups sold at the event will have a deposit so we can make sure they get recycled. Deposits can be redeemed at the Bar you purchased from.
  • No straws will be available.



Bin stations in the event footprint are formed by 4 bins and will be monitored by staff and volunteers to ensure they are kept free from contamination;

  1. FOOD WASTE – Any left over food.
  2. GENERAL WASTE – In here put crisp & sweet packets, coffee cups & lids and cigarette butts, remember everything in this bin will get incinerated. (including used greasy pizza boxes as these do not recycle)
  3. COMPOSTABLE –  All vendors are required to use biodegradable serving units.



Travel Wisely! Traveling to the festival makes up 80% of the total carbon emissions generated. You could save money, make friends and go green by traveling by Gautrain or Car Share.



The festival is committed in keeping the festival clean and green and we are working together to eliminate single use plastic items.